Luang Por Sorthorn

During the Ayuthaya period in Thailand, there were 3 Buddhas floating on the river – Luang Phor To, Luang Phor Ban Laem, and Luang Phor Sorthorn. It is said that the three buddhas are brothers. Luang Phor Sorthorn was swept down the Bang Prakorn river to reach Chachengsao.

At that time (180 years ago), many methods were tried unsuccessfully to pull Luang Phor Sorthorn out of the river. One wise man advised to use joss-sticks, flowers and monks to chant for the welcome of the Buddha statue. Using white threads tied to Luang Phor Sorthorn, they managed to pull the Buddha statue out of the water.

Luang Phor Sorthorn has been helping the people nearby to cure their illnesses and diseases. In the year 2433 (buddhist calendar), the Chachengsao province was plagued by epidemic. The villagers prayed to Luang Phor Sothorn for help. Miraculously, the epidemic soon disappeared and this strengthened the faith the people have in Luang Phor Sorthorn.

In another example, a dancer had her cholera cured by Luang Phor Sorthorn after dreaming of Sorthorn and offering Sorthorn incense sticks. After recovering, she became the chief dancer in the Sorthorn temple and leads her dancers to dance for Luang Por Sorthorn till today as a sign of her gratitude.

It is Luang Phor Sorthorn's wish to continue to help the people. Find out more about Luang Phor Sorthorn's cure for diabetes.